When Destinies Collide

When Destinies Collide Book
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When Destinies Collide

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FROM THE OUTSIDE, THEY APPEAR TO HAVE IT ALL… Waking every morning and pasting a smile on her face, Selene Chandler only looks like she has it all; parents that love each other, popularity… but what she actually has, is everyone fooled. Afraid to let anyone see the real, raw her, Selene’s life is far from perfect, and the well-constructed wall she’s built is so high, no one has ever seen past it except her mother; the one and only person she’s ever felt love from. A TWIST OF FATE THAT IGNITES A FIRE… The handsome “golden” boy of Montgomery, Texas, Drake Thomas only looks like he has everything; the Mayor’s son, Drake is privileged, entitled, and has never faced the consequences of his actions. He’s never had to. Until one fateful night, his carefully constructed world begins to unravel, and it takes all the strength he didn’t know he had to hold it together. A CONNECTION THAT CAN’T BE DENIED… When fate deals Selene a devastating hand, she is forced into a new life, in a new town. Both alluring and beautiful, two strangers lives cross paths in a tangle of feelings impossible for them to ignore. Desire turns to a longing neither have ever allowed themselves to feel; but will it be enough to tear down their walls and overcome the secrets of their past? They’re both pretending; but in this life, you can only pretend for so long.

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