The Zone of Interest (Vintage International)

The Zone of Interest (Vintage International) Book
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The Zone of Interest (Vintage International)

by: Vintage

Product rating: 4.0 with 162 reviews

A Best Book of the Year: Time, NPR, The Village Voice, The Miami Herald, Financial Times, Minneapolis Star Tribune, BookRiot

“Powerful and electric. . . . A book that may stand for years as the triumph of his career.” —NPR
“This is a novel that will endure. . . . A novel whose adventurousness is at the level of its ethical register, its attempt . . .  to imagine the unimaginable.” —The Guardian (London)
“A tour de force of sheer verbal virtuosity, and a brilliant, celestially upsetting novel inspired by no less than a profound moral curiosity about human beings.” —Richard Ford
“Signature Amis at his most inventive. . . . It is precisely through such inspired and irreverent fluency that his dead-serious purpose is realized.” —The Washington Post

The Zone of Interest harrows in the true sense of the word, churning up our preconceptions and assumptions. It is a work of artistic courage, chilling comedy and incontestable moral seriousness.” —Financial Times

“Heartbreaking. . . . [Amis is] a virtuosically vivid writer.” —The Atlantic
“His finest so far. . . . Astonishing. . . . A tragicomic moral blowtorch worthy of Swift.” —The Daily Beast

“Compelling. . . . Harrowingly effective.” —Slate

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