The Whispers of Dead Elms

The Whispers of Dead Elms Book
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The Whispers of Dead Elms

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He was six years old the last time he set foot on the family farm. Now, instead of partying it up the summer before college, Edgar Karpinsky is saying goodbye to his friends and sort-of girlfriend Gina, and preparing to revisit the place that has haunted him for years.

The John Karpinsky Farm is where his grandfather tied him to a rocking chair outside and forced his young body to weather a treacherous storm—causing the traumatic symptoms and panic attacks that have stuck with him ever since.

As he works on facing painful childhood memories, Edgar begins clearing the overgrown farmland from decades of neglect. But when a hidden relic emerges from underneath some bales of hay, it acts as the source of an unexpected conversation between grandfather and grandson—and links their respective fates to a disturbing event that occurred more than half a century ago.

Now old family rivalries, a Prohibition-era distillery, and an unsolved murder are brought to light, as a series of unusual events bring Edgar closer to the shocking truth behind an age-old family mystery.

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