The Trip

The Trip Book
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The Trip

by: Intaglio Publications

Product rating: 4.8 with 35 reviews

Who wants to take a road trip with two old bickering women and a complete stranger? Not Jill Savoy. She finds herself behind the wheel of her father’s sacred Winnebago anyway, responsible for her grandmother and adopted aunt, both of whom are mischievous teenagers in old bodies, and then there’s Shay. The last thing on Shay Macaluso’s mind was a vacation. Fresh out of a relationship, she was looking forward to beginning her new life, but her aunt Chloe took the proverbial monkey wrench to her plans. Duped into taking the trip, Shay feels like her new life is on hold, but as the adventure unfolds she realizes that she’s on the highway to something extraordinary. Put on your seatbelt, Robin Alexander is about to take you on a trip, in her latest romantic comedy.

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