The Janitor and the Spy (The Thornhill Series) (Volume 1)

The Janitor and the Spy (The Thornhill Series) (Volume 1) Book
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The Janitor and the Spy (The Thornhill Series) (Volume 1)

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As the plane touches down in Amsterdam, Thomas Thornhill puts on his suit jacket and with it his best impression of composure—his first mission as a spy has truly begun. But what was supposed to be a simple information-gathering errand quickly escalates into a dangerous misadventure when a gang of local thugs ambushes Thornhill and his contact, an old man named Golay.

Reeling, Thornhill grows suspicious of Golay and wonders if any of his intel is true—especially regarding the mysterious organization known only as The Twelve. Then he finds out that his own “simple” mission is off the record, and suddenly Thornhill finds himself adrift in a sea of questions: Who is telling the truth? Whom can he trust? What is his assignment really about?

The Janitor and the Spy sprints after Thornhill as he races through the streets of Amsterdam in search of answers. A breakout thriller from new author S. W. Ellenwood, the story holds as many surprises for the reader as it does for its lead character and, page by page, will pull you inextricably into its web of secrets.

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