The Angel of Amar (Worthy of the Stars) (Volume 2)

The Angel of Amar (Worthy of the Stars) (Volume 2) Book
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The Angel of Amar (Worthy of the Stars) (Volume 2)

by: Cletus R.Willems,#Jr.

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His secret inner self emerges to turn John’s charmed life inside out. Why did he murder a helpless girl? In searching for answers, he confronts ruthless men sworn to destroy him. Lost lovers, his family and innocent others are swept up in a shocking betrayal—spawning violence and vengeance, and testing the limits of strength, courage, and loyalty—and revealing the unique resilience of women. His journey takes place amidst familiar events of the late twentieth century, but it transports him to mysterious places: where ancient life persists still, where good arises from evil, and where conventional notions of time are upended.

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