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30 Years, 30,000 Miles: What I Learned from God While Running Book
Book Title:

30 Years, 30,000 Miles: What I Learned from God While Running

by: WestBowPress

Product rating: 5.0 with 1 reviews

Like it or not, we are all running a race called life, and we all have the exact same finish line. How we run our course matters, but even if we stumble and fall, there is always an opportunity to learn to race in a better way. Runners and nonrunners alike will appreciate the lessons on such topics as rest and waiting while drawing inspiration to look at life from the viewpoint of seeing what God reveals.

With humor and a compelling storytelling style, Tretter allows you to accompany her on a journey covering thirty years and 30,000 miles. You will encounter the extraordinary people and events that can impact an ordinary life. With intimate looks at subjects such as winning, infertility, forgiveness, and healing, you are sure to be inspired on your own spiritual journey. Or at the very least, you will be able to make perfect Crème Brulée and Thai Sticky Rice!

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Fully Alive: Discovering What Matters Most Book
Book Title:

Fully Alive: Discovering What Matters Most

by: Sarah Crichton Books

Product rating: 4.6 with 59 reviews

At a time when we are all more rudderless than ever, we look for the very best teachers and mentors to guide us. In Fully Alive, an unusual and gripping memoir, Timothy Shriver shows how his teachers have been the world’s most forgotten minority: people with intellectual disabilities.

Shriver’s journey begins close to home, where the quiet legacy of his aunt Rosemary, a Kennedy whose intellectual disability kept her far from the limelight, inspired his family to devote their careers to helping the most vulnerable. He plays alongside the children of Camp Shriver, his mother’s revolutionary project, which provided a space for children with intellectual disabilities to play. Years later, he gains invaluable wisdom from the incredible athletes he befriends as chairman of the organization that Camp Shriver inspired: Special Olympics.

Fully Alive is both a moving personal journey and a meditation on some of the greatest wisdom and the greatest contradictions of our society. Is disability to be feared or welcomed, pitied or purged? Shriver argues that we all have different abilities and challenges we should embrace. We see how those who appear powerless have turned this seeming shortcoming into a power of their own, and we learn that we are all totally vulnerable and valuable at the same time.

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Rumble Volume 1: What Color of Darkness? Book
Book Title:

Rumble Volume 1: What Color of Darkness?

by: Image Comics

Product rating: 4.5 with 2 reviews

A Scarecrow Warrior God walks into a bar…and proceeds to drag a modern American city into a ten-thousand-year-old grudge-match! A bizarre new adventure – complete with boozehound shamans, monster queens, and a football-fetching hydra! Collects Rumble #1-5. Featuring an extended sketchbook section and a few surprises!

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What Should Riley Do (DisneyPixar Inside Out) (A Stepping Stone Book(TM)) Book picture 001
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What Should Riley Do? (Disney/Pixar Inside Out) (A Stepping Stone Book(TM)) Book
Book Title:

What Should Riley Do? (Disney/Pixar Inside Out) (A Stepping Stone Book(TM))

by: RH/Disney

Product rating: 5.0 with 1 reviews

Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out takes you to a place that everyone knows, but no one has ever seen: the world inside the human mind. This new chapter book based on the film lets the reader decide how the story will end! It’s perfect for girls and boys ages 6 to 9.

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365 Devotions to Embrace What Matters Most Book picture 01
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365 Devotions to Embrace What Matters Most Book
Book Title:

365 Devotions to Embrace What Matters Most

by: Zondervan

Product rating: 5.0 with 1 reviews

Life is a precious gift, yet daily demands can cloud your vision, making it look like a never-ending cycle of obligations and appointments. Through this insightful devotional, reclaim your passions, your relationships, and your joy through the daily reminders of what really matters.

It’s never too late to live the wide-awake, passionate life you once envisioned.

Embrace what really matters most, and start living a life rich with purpose, delight, and eternal meaning.

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Charity Detox What Charity Would Look Like If We Cared About Results Book image 001
July 17th, 2015 by admin

Charity Detox: What Charity Would Look Like If We Cared About Results Book
Book Title:

Charity Detox: What Charity Would Look Like If We Cared About Results

by: HarperOne

Product rating: 4.4 with 5 reviews

The veteran urban activist and author of the revolutionary Toxic Charity returns with a headline-making book that offers proven, results-oriented ideas for transforming our system of giving.

In Toxic Charity, Robert D. Lupton revealed the truth about modern charity programs meant to help the poor and disenfranchised. While charity makes donors feel better, he argued, it often hurts those it seeks to help. At the forefront of this burgeoning yet ineffective compassion industry are American churches, which spend billions on dependency-producing programs, including food pantries. But what would charity look like if we, instead, measured it by its ability to alleviate poverty and needs?

That is the question at the heart of Charity Detox. Drawing on his many decades of experience, Lupton outlines how to structure programs that actually improve the quality of life of the poor and disenfranchised. He introduces many strategies that are revolutionizing what we do with our charity dollars, and offers numerous examples of organizations that have successfully adopted these groundbreaking new models. Only by redirecting our strategies and becoming committed to results, he argues, can charity enterprises truly become as transformative as our ideals.

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July 16th, 2015 by admin

What Makes It Worthy: A Novel Book
Book Title:

What Makes It Worthy: A Novel

by: CLM

Product rating: 5.0 with 33 reviews

“A story that truly explores the American system not just from an insider’s viewpoint, but from the very real experiences of human beings … and yes, add a dose of romance to the political cocktail: it’s just what this drink needs to make it perfect!” declares the Midwest Book Review.

What Makes It Worthy is a brilliant tell-all about the tabloidization of American politics that takes readers inside the corruptive interplay between powerbrokers and press at the highest levels. This “absorbing novel … does what nonfiction cannot: it allows readers to know what it’s like to live Washington politics … with fictional characters who seem all too real,” says  James Carville, the chief strategist for former President Bill Clinton. 

“Captivating,” writes novelist Matthew Thomas, “part case study, part postmortem, and part love letter to political intrigue.” And novelist Lynn Lauber calls it “a Primary Colors for this generation.”

Kirkus Reviews writes that the novel is “a genuinely tender love story.” “Both a love story and an exposé on modern American campaigns,” says former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman.

What Makes It Worthy is also the personal story of Taylor Solomon and Cait Ellis. Taylor is a rising star at America’s fastest-growing political media machine. Cait is a young New York Times reporter who wrestles with the shadow of her legendary mother. 

And it is an historic–yet familiar–campaign. The Republican, who hails from one of America’s power clans and has long been in the national spotlight, seeks to become the first female president. Her Democratic opponent, a State Department veteran setting the election afire with populism, hopes to make his own history as the first Hispanic president. On the campaign trail, as ethics gray and events envelop politicians, operatives, and reporters–as Cait and Taylor struggle with how much distance must be accepted between their ideals and their choices–the political not only becomes personal, but also threatens to upend their lives, as well as the presidential campaign itself.

Written by well-known political journalist David Paul Kuhn, What Makes It Worthy is “a heartfelt page-turner that proves a good novel can both entertain you and inform you,” in the words of former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm.

The novel is also perhaps the most accurate depiction yet written about how the relationship between the media and the modern presidential campaign shapes American politics.

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What Pet Should I Get and One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Book picture 1
July 8th, 2015 by admin

What Pet Should I Get? and One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Book
Book Title:

What Pet Should I Get? and One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

by: Listening Library

Product rating: 5.0 with 1 reviews

What Pet Should I Get?

This new book by Dr. Seuss, about making up one’s mind, is the literary equivalent of buried treasure! What happens when a brother and sister visit a pet store to pick a pet? Naturally they can’t choose just one! The tale captures a classic childhood moment – choosing a pet – and uses it to illuminate a life lesson: that it is hard to make up your mind, but sometimes you just have to do it!

Told in Dr. Seuss’ signature rhyming style, this is a must-have for Seuss fans and a perfect choice for the holidays, birthdays, and happy occasions of all kinds.

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

“From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere.” So begins this classic beginner book by Dr. Seuss. Beginning with just five fish and continuing into flights of fancy, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish celebrates how much fun imagination can be. From the can-opening Zans to the boxing Gox to the winking Yink who drinks pink ink, the silly rhymes and colorful cast of characters create an entertaining approach to reading that will have every child giggling from morning to night: “Today is gone. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.”

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Richard Scarry's What Do People Do All Day (Richard Scarry's Busy World) Book photo 001
June 22nd, 2015 by admin

Richard Scarry's What Do People Do All Day? (Richard Scarry's Busy World) Book
Book Title:

Richard Scarry’s What Do People Do All Day? (Richard Scarry’s Busy World)

by: Golden Books

Product rating: 4.5 with 292 reviews

Illus. in full color. Shows and tells what busy people do every day to build houses, sail ships, fly planes, keep house, and grow food.

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What Pisses Me Off About The Good Ol' USA Book photo 01
June 8th, 2015 by admin

What Pisses Me Off About The Good Ol' USA Book
Book Title:

What Pisses Me Off About The Good Ol’ USA

by: Page Publishing, Inc.

Product rating: 5.0 with 1 reviews

What Pisses Me Off About The Good Ol’ USA is a topical review of current affairs and national issues that represents the views of most Americans. This book represents those Americans who do not have the ability to speak out or who are afraid to speak out due to political correctness. This book dives into many issues that have destroyed the fabric of our society that our fore fathers fought so hard to provide for future generations under the US Constitution and the Bill Of Rights. The title reflects what is wrong with our society and country and tells it in a straight-forward manner. Brian Curtis discusses issues affecting our national security, our financial well-being, our moral and ethical compass, our faith, our misguided political behavior, equality, unlawful behavior, and lastly our inability to reduce the size of government that has turned our country into a nanny state and a co-dependent country. This title reflects years of frustration over the inability of our countrymen to rise up and put a stop to political correctness forever. This book reveals the frustrations, the bold-face lies and deceit, and the weakness of our countrymen to stand up and correct the direction this country is heading. This topical review clearly brings many issues to the forefront that need to be discussed, analyzed, broken down and corrected to save ourselves from the juggernaut of a society that is lost, confused, and misguided. This book is a wake up call to step up to the plate, swing the bat, and run the bases full speed with no interference. Read on my friends and enjoy the ride.

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Humans Are Underrated What High Achievers Know That Brilliant Machines Never Will Book photo 1
June 7th, 2015 by admin

Humans Are Underrated: What High Achievers Know That Brilliant Machines Never Will Book
Book Title:

Humans Are Underrated: What High Achievers Know That Brilliant Machines Never Will

by: Portfolio

Product rating: 5.0 with 1 reviews

As technology races ahead, what will people do better than computers?

What hope will there be for us when computers can drive cars better than humans, predict Supreme Court decisions better than legal experts, identify faces, scurry helpfully around offices and factories, even perform some surgeries, all faster, more reliably, and less expensively than people?

It’s easy to imagine a nightmare scenario in which computers simply take over most of the tasks that people now get paid to do. While we’ll still need high-level decision makers and computer developers, those tasks won’t keep most working-age people employed or allow their living standard to rise. The unavoidable question—will millions of people lose out, unable to best the machine?—is increasingly dominating business, education, economics, and policy.

The bestselling author of Talent Is Overrated explains how the skills the economy values are changing in historic ways. The abilities that will prove most essential to our success are no longer the technical, classroom-taught left-brain skills that economic advances have demanded from workers in the past. Instead, our greatest advantage lies in what we humans are most powerfully driven to do for and with one another, arising from our deepest, most essentially human abilities—empathy, creativity, social sensitivity, storytelling, humor, building relationships, and expressing ourselves with greater power than logic can ever achieve. This is how we create durable value that is not easily replicated by technology—because we’re hardwired to want it from humans.

These high-value skills create tremendous competitive advantage—more devoted customers, stronger cultures, breakthrough ideas, and more effective teams. And while many of us regard these abilities as innate traits—“he’s a real people person,” “she’s naturally creative”—it turns out they can all be developed. They’re already being developed in a range of far-sighted organizations, such as:

• the Cleveland Clinic, which emphasizes empathy training of doctors and all employees to improve patient outcomes and lower medical costs;
• the U.S. Army, which has revolutionized its training to focus on human interaction, leading to stronger teams and greater success in real-world missions;
• Stanford Business School, which has overhauled its curriculum to teach interpersonal skills through human-to-human experiences.

As technology advances, we shouldn’t focus on beating computers at what they do—we’ll lose that contest. Instead, we must develop our most essential human abilities and teach our kids to value not just technology but also the richness of interpersonal experience. They will be the most valuable people in our world because of it. Colvin proves that to a far greater degree than most of us ever imagined, we already have what it takes to be great.

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Forensics What Bugs, Burns, Prints, DNA and More Tell Us About Crime Book picture 001
May 19th, 2015 by admin

Forensics: What Bugs, Burns, Prints, DNA and More Tell Us About Crime Book
Book Title:

Forensics: What Bugs, Burns, Prints, DNA and More Tell Us About Crime

by: Grove Press

Product rating: 4.2 with 6 reviews

Val McDermid is one of the finest crime writers we have, whose novels have captivated millions of readers worldwide with their riveting narratives of characters who solve complex crimes and confront unimaginable evil. In the course of researching her bestselling novels McDermid has become familiar with every branch of forensics, and now she uncovers the history of this science, real-world murders and the people who must solve them.

The dead talk—to the right listener. They can tell us all about themselves: where they came from, how they lived, how they died, and, of course, who killed them. Forensic scientists can unlock the mysteries of the past and help serve justice using the messages left by a corpse, a crime scene, or the faintest of human traces. Forensics draws on interviews with some of these top-level professionals, ground-breaking research, and McDermid’s own original interviews and firsthand experience on scene with top forensic scientists.

Along the way, McDermid discovers how maggots collected from a corpse can help determine one’s time of death; how a DNA trace a millionth the size of a grain of salt can be used to convict a killer; and how a team of young Argentine scientists led by a maverick American anthropologist were able to uncover the victims of a genocide. It’s a journey that will take McDermid to war zones, fire scenes, and autopsy suites, and bring her into contact with both extraordinary bravery and wickedness, as she traces the history of forensics from its earliest beginnings to the cutting-edge science of the modern day.

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Getting (More of) What You Want How the Secrets of Economics and Psychology Can Help You Negotiate Anything, in Business and in Life Book picture 001
May 16th, 2015 by admin

Getting (More of) What You Want: How the Secrets of Economics and Psychology Can Help You Negotiate Anything, in Business and in Life Book
Book Title:

Getting (More of) What You Want: How the Secrets of Economics and Psychology Can Help You Negotiate Anything, in Business and in Life

by: Basic Books

Product rating: 5.0 with 1 reviews

Almost every interaction involves negotiation, yet we often miss the cues that would allow us to make the most of these exchanges. In Getting (More of) What You Want, Margaret Neale and Thomas Lys draw on the latest advances in psychology and economics to provide new strategies for anyone shopping for a car, lobbying for a raise, or simply haggling over who takes out the trash. Getting (More of) What You Want shows how inexperienced negotiators regularly leave significant value on the table—and reveals how you can claim it.

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