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Captain America Epic Collection: Streets of Poison (Epic Collection: Captain America) Book
Book Title:

Captain America Epic Collection: Streets of Poison (Epic Collection: Captain America)

by: Marvel

Product rating: 4.5 with 2 reviews

Captain America joins the war on drugs! When Cap targets the gang that’s selling the new designer narcotic, Ice, he receives an accidental overdose that combines with the Super Soldier Serum in his blood. Left permanently enraged, a volatile shield-slinger finds himself in the middle of a street war between the Red Skull and the Kingpin. With deadly villains Crossbones and Bullseye on each side, Cap will need to rely on his friends – but the Ice-induced rage is alienating him from allies like Daredevil and the Black Widow.

COLLECTING: Captain America 372-386, Captain America

Annual 9-10 (Captain America Epic Collection Vol . 16)

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Eat Mexico Recipes from Mexico City's Streets, Markets & Fondas Book photo 01
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Eat Mexico: Recipes from Mexico City's Streets, Markets & Fondas Book
Book Title:

Eat Mexico: Recipes from Mexico City’s Streets, Markets & Fondas

by: Kyle Books

Product rating: 4.9 with 19 reviews

Eat Mexico is a culinary love letter to one of the biggest cities in the world—a chaotic, vibrant place where residents eat from sidewalk grills and stands, and markets and casual restaurants serve up fresh, hot food daily. In this book, journalist Lesley Téllez—who also runs her own food tour company in Mexico City—takes you through the city’s most classic dishes, offering recipes from her favorite haunts on the streets, in city markets, and in small, homestyle fondas.

Many of these dishes are items Americans may not recognize: the football-shaped, bean-stuffed corn tlacoyo, topped with cactus and salsa; the tortas bulging with turkey confit and a peppery herb called pápalo; beer-braised rabbit, slow-cooked until tender. The book ends on a personal note, highlighting the creative, Mexican-inspired dishes—like roasted poblano oatmeal—that Lesley cooks at home in New York with ingredients she came to know in Mexico.

With more than 100 recipes, on-location photography and text written in a friendly, personal tone, Eat Mexico is a must for anyone who loves Mexico, its food and unique urban culture.

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