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Easy Lenormand: Quick Answers to Everyday Questions Book
Book Title:

Easy Lenormand: Quick Answers to Everyday Questions

by: Llewellyn Publications

Product rating: 4.5 with 4 reviews

Originally developed in the nineteenth century and widely used in Europe, the Lenormand is a hugely popular form of fortunetelling for your romantic life, career, money, travel, and more. This fantastic kit includes a standard thirty-six card Lenormand deck and a helpful guidebook with card meanings and basic reading instructions. With tips and techniques for building up to the Grand Tableaux spread, the Easy Lenormand is the perfect kit for divining practical answers to everyday questions.

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DASH Diet Slow Cooker Cookbook Quick & Easy to Prepare Recipes For Your Slow Cooker! Book picture 01
August 15th, 2015 by admin

DASH Diet Slow Cooker Cookbook: Quick & Easy to Prepare Recipes For Your Slow Cooker! Book
Book Title:

DASH Diet Slow Cooker Cookbook: Quick & Easy to Prepare Recipes For Your Slow Cooker!

by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Product rating: 4.5 with 2 reviews

DASH Diet Slow Cooker Cookbook

Quick & Easy to Prepare Recipes For Your Slow Cooker!

In this book, the reader will discover many different DASH diet recipes using the slow cooker. It starts off with a
short overview of the DASH diet and an introduction to the short cooker. The recipes presented here are separated
according to different major ingredients and food types. They are divided into soups, chicken and turkey main dishes,
pork main dishes, beef main dishes, vegetables and pasta. All these types of food can be prepared in a slow cooker.
All the recipes were especially chosen to cater to different palates and tastes. They are all healthy, delicious and
have easily-available and affordable ingredients.

You Will Find In This Book:

  • Introduction To DASH Diet and the Slow Cooker
  • Delicious Slow-Cooked Soups Recipes
  • Poultry Dishes on a Slow Cooker Recipes
  • Slow Cooker Pasta Recipes
  • Pork Cooked Slowly Recipes
  • Beef Slow Cooker Recipes
  • And Much More!!

The DASH diet is gaining popularity and credibility as an excellent eating program for people who want to live a healthy
lifestyle and lose weight. The slow cooker is an amazing cooking appliance that almost all homes have. This wonderfully
versatile kitchen gadget allows families to eat tasty food with economical ingredients. It also offers a healthier cooking
method. Utilizing the slow cooker in preparing DASH diet recipes is a great combination of healthy and delicious recipes
that are not difficult to prepare.

Cook a heatlthy delicious meal tonight!

Scroll Up and Grab Your Copy Now!

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Windows 10 Fast Start A Quick Start Guide for Windows 10 Book picture 01
June 15th, 2015 by admin

Windows 10 Fast Start: A Quick Start Guide for Windows 10 Book
Book Title:

Windows 10 Fast Start: A Quick Start Guide for Windows 10

by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Product rating: 3.0 with 2 reviews

Your 100-page quick start guide for Windows 10! Get this Fast Start guide to learn Windows 10 quickly. Windows 10 is more customizable than any earlier release of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Powerful new features and options combined with traditional favorites allow you to work in new ways. You can perform tasks more efficiently, and you can optimize and customize the operating system in many ways. Teaching you how to make Windows 10 work the way you want it to is what this book is all about. If you were moving in to a house, apartment, or dorm room, you would want to make the space your own. We do the same with just about everything in our lives, yet surprisingly few people take the time to make their virtual space their own, which can make using a computer a frustrating experience. One of the ways to make Windows 10 your own is to customize the interface. In any operating system, the interface is everything that connects you to your computer and its basic elements, including the desktop, the menu system, and the taskbar. The way these essential elements look depends on appearance settings. The way they behave depends on customization settings associated with your user account. Table of Contents 1. Kicking the Tires 7 Using Touchscreens 7 Getting Signed In 8 Entering and Exiting Tablet Mode 10 2. Navigating the Accounts Maze 13 Local and Domain Accounts 13 Accessing Business Networks 14 3. Making the Most of Your Desktop Space 17 Cortana & Search 19 Task View & Changing Desktops 22 4. Meet the New Start Menu 25 New Tricks for an Old Dog 26 More, More, More 27 5. Conquering the Kangaroos 29 Optimizing Interface Performance 29 Mastering Desktop Essentials 32 Stretching the Desktop 37 Ready to Ditch Snap? 41 6. Making the Start Menu Your B*tch 43 Pinning Apps and Using Full-Screen Mode 45 Creating Sections 47 Resizing and Reorganizing Tiles 48 Customizing the Most Used and Recently Added Lists 49 7. Making the Taskbar Dance 51 Putting the Taskbar Where You Want It 51 Customizing Taskbar Appearance 53 Pinning Programs to the Taskbar 55 Using Flip Views and Jump Lists 56 8. Customizing Backgrounds 59 Using Pictures for Backgrounds 61 Using Solid Colors for Backgrounds 62 Using Slideshow Backgrounds 62 9. Customizing Lock Screens 65 Using Pictures on the Lock Screen 67 Using Slideshows on the Lock Screen 67 Configuring Notifications on the Lock Screen 69 10. Customizing User Accounts 71 Changing Account Pictures 71 Changing Account Types 72 Changing and Recovering Your Password 73 11. Exploring Your Computer in New Ways 75 Getting There 75 Getting It Done 77 Managing Access History 80 12. Zeroing in on Apps 83 Getting Your Apps 83 Connecting Your Account to the Store 84 Finding and Installing Your Apps 87 Managing Currently Running Apps, Programs and Processes 89 Click Look Inside and discover this hands-on computer handbook. Scroll to the top of the page and select the Buy Now button. Want something for your laptop, tablet, desktop or smart phone? Look also for the ebook edition!

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Hacking Education 10 Quick Fixes for Every School (Hack Learning Series) (Volume 1) Book photo 1
May 2nd, 2015 by admin

Hacking Education: 10 Quick Fixes for Every School (Hack Learning Series) (Volume 1) Book
Book Title:

Hacking Education: 10 Quick Fixes for Every School (Hack Learning Series) (Volume 1)

by: Times 10 Publications

Product rating: 4.8 with 20 reviews

Want to solve your biggest problems tomorrow?

You have problems, but you don’t have time for a 5-year plan. You’re tired of philosophy, research and piles of data. You want practical solutions that you can implement immediately. You don’t need a committee or another meeting. You need Hackers—experienced educators who understand your school’s problems and see quick fixes that may be so simple that they’ve been overlooked. Hacking Education is the book that every teacher, principal, parent, and education stakeholder has been waiting for–the one that actually solves problems.

Read it today—fix it tomorrow!

In Hacking Education, Mark Barnes and Jennifer Gonzalez employ decades of teaching experience and hundreds of discussions with education thought leaders, to show you how to find and hone the quick fixes that every school and classroom need. Using a Hacker’s mentality, they provide one Aha moment after another with 10 Quick Fixes for Every School–solutions to everyday problems that any teacher or administrator can implement immediately.

Imagine being able to walk into school tomorrow and eliminate:

  • Hours of wasted meeting time
  • Classroom management issues
  • Interruptions in planning time
  • The need for more books
  • Negative attitudes
  • Technology issues

If you want to improve teaching and learning at your school now, learn how to develop a Hacker’s mentality.

Discover How to Solve Problems with

  • Pineapple Charts
  • The 360 Spreadsheet
  • Glass Classrooms
  • Track Records
  • Marigold Committees
  • The TQZ
  • More Impactful Hacks

Not Your Average Education Book

Hacking Education won’t weigh you down with outdated research or complicated strategies. Barnes and Gonzalez provide brilliant ideas woven into a user-friendly success guide that you’ll want to keep nearby throughout the school year. Each chapter is neatly wrapped in this simple formula:

  • The Problem
  • The Hack (a ridiculously easy solution that you’ve likely never considered)
  • What You Can Do Tomorrow (no waiting necessary)
  • Blueprint for Full Implementation (a step-by-step action plan for capacity building)
  • The Hack in Action (yes, someone has actually done this)

Are you ready to fix your school and your classroom?

Scroll up and grab a copy of Hacking Education now.

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