The Legacy of Copper Creek (Copper Creek Cowboys) Book photo 001
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The Legacy of Copper Creek (Copper Creek Cowboys) Book
Book Title:

The Legacy of Copper Creek (Copper Creek Cowboys)

by: Forever

Product rating: 4.6 with 5 reviews

When Love Walks Through the Door . . .
Like all MacKenzie men, Whit respects three things: hard work, his family, and the wild beauty of the Montana land he calls home. The solitude of the high country is a welcome respite to a loner like Whit. So when a powerful spring snowstorm hits as he’s tending the herd, Whit heads to one of the family’s isolated cabins. The cold winds don’t trouble him. The gorgeous mystery woman waiting inside does.

All Cara Walton wanted was a chance to clear her head. And the forgotten cabin on the outskirts of the MacKenzie ranch seemed like the perfect place to do just that-until Whit arrives. The rugged cowboy quickly melts Cara’s defenses and she’s powerless to resist his strong arms or his tender touch. She desperately wants to trust him, but there’s so much Whit doesn’t know, so much she hasn’t told him. She lost everything once-can she find the courage to risk her heart again?

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The Unforgiven (Legacy of Caliban Warhammer 40,000) Book picture 001
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The Unforgiven (Legacy of Caliban: Warhammer 40,000) Book
Book Title:

The Unforgiven (Legacy of Caliban: Warhammer 40,000)

by: Games Workshop

Product rating: 4.0 with 2 reviews

The gripping conclusion to the Legacy of Caliban series

The Legacy of Caliban echoes down through the ages, and the secretive mission of the Dark Angels continues: to atone for the sins of their forefathers and capture all of the renegades and heretics known as the Fallen. With the most famous of these Fallen Dark Angels – the elusive Cypher – now firmly in their grasp after his unexpected surrender, the Dark Angels are given fresh hope that they can redeem themselves in the eyes of the Emperor. But what game is Cypher playing? What plans does he have? And can the Dark Angels ever really atone, or will they always remain the Unforgiven?

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Genghis Khan His Conquests, His Empire, His Legacy Book image 001
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Genghis Khan: His Conquests, His Empire, His Legacy Book
Book Title:

Genghis Khan: His Conquests, His Empire, His Legacy

by: Da Capo Press

Product rating: 3.8 with 4 reviews

Mongol leader Genghis Khan was by far the greatest conqueror the world has ever known. His empire stretched from the Pacific Ocean to central Europe, including all of China, the Middle East, and Russia. So how did an illiterate nomad rise to such colossal power and subdue most of the known world, eclipsing Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and Napoleon? Credited by some with paving the way for the Renaissance, condemned by others for being the most heinous murderer in history, who was Genghis Khan?

His actual name was Temujin, and the story of his success is that of the Mongol people: a loose collection of fractious tribes who tended livestock, considered bathing taboo, and possessed an unparalleled genius for horseback warfare. United under Genghis, a strategist of astonishing cunning and versatility, they could dominate any sedentary society they chose.

Combining fast-paced accounts of battles with rich cultural background and the latest scholarship, Frank McLynn brings vividly to life the strange world of the Mongols, describes Temujin’s rise from boyhood outcast to becoming Genghis Khan, and provides the most accurate and absorbing account yet of one of the most powerful men ever to have lived.

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