Global Doodle Gems Volume 1 The Ultimate Coloring Epic Collection from Artists around the World!  Book photo 01
June 5th, 2015 by admin

Book Title:

“Global Doodle Gems” Volume 1: “The Ultimate Coloring Book…an Epic Collection from Artists around the World! “

by: Global Doodle GemsAnna-Marie Vibeke Wedel

Product rating: 4.9 with 18 reviews

Global Doodle Gems adult coloring book is a collaboration of 100+ artists from around the world. We have come together to create a one of a kind coloring experience! Each volume of our coloring books features 10 artists and their amazing drawings. Having a wide variety of artists will allow us to accommodate all levels of color enthusiasts! Wishing you a colortastic journey … with our very first Volume of “Global Doodle Gems”!

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