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Red Dawn: Two Friends. Two Cities. One Destiny. Book
Book Title:

Red Dawn: Two Friends. Two Cities. One Destiny.

by: Xlibris

Product rating: 5.0 with 1 reviews

Melanie McLean is a normal girl, with nothing unexpected in her life. That changes completely when she and her best friend meet a person that tells them that they have abilities that only a few people have. Melanie and her friend are suddenly two of the most powerful people in the world, and with that power, they also find out that they have to use their abilities to stop a person that will wreck havoc to the entire country. Caught in between a race against time to find others with the same powers as them and take down an enemy that they may not be able to defeat, the two friends travel to places they never imagined they would go to, find people that have spectacular abilities beyond their wildest dreams, and try to save their country. Single-handedly. The question is, will they be able to do it without wiping everyone out in the process?

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A Net of Dawn and Bones Book photo 01
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A Net of Dawn and Bones Book
Book Title:

A Net of Dawn and Bones

by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Product rating: 4.8 with 12 reviews

Blood rituals, black magic, and broken masquerades. Names to run away from really fast. And maybe the end of the world…. Welcome to Intrepid, North Carolina. Where autumn brings leaf season, tourists, and bloody sacrifice. Twenty years have passed since the Dark Day brought creatures of horror onto the evening news. Now vampires run nightclubs, alchemists deal potions on the street corners, and werewolf gangs lay claim to shady alleys. The honest cops of Intrepid enforce human laws on supernatural evil, and pray. Because the turn of the leaves brings Halloween, tourists… and the return of a serial killer who’s plagued Intrepid for over two decades. Yet the night holds darker secrets than even the best detectives have unearthed. Somewhere in Intrepid, a demonic sorcerer plans to bring Hell on earth. And the Demongate is almost complete. In the midst of a stakeout gone wrong, two mysterious wanderers drop into Detective Church’s life. Aidan, who moves like flames and holds secrets in his shadows… and Myrrh, a holy warrior born of ancient Alexandria. Enchantress. Heretic. Hell-raider. Welcome to Intrepid. Evil’s in for a hell of a night…. ——— This book was written because I couldn’t find anything like it on the shelves. …No, seriously. After the umpteenth time picking up yet another urban fantasy that looked promising but on closer skimming had the Designated Protagonist choosing the Sexier Evil, I kind of snapped. Part of the fun of any story is putting yourself in the character’s shoes. But these shoes I not only didn’t want to slip into, I wanted to set them on fire. Where were the good guys? The honest cops? The ordinary people choosing to do the Right Thing, no matter how hard it was? Where was the belief that there is a Right Thing; that there is Good, and Evil, and you pick the side you’re going to fight for, even if the heavens fall? In short – where were the heroes? I assure you, if I were in on ground zero of a vampire versus werewolf blood war, my thoughts would not be centered on, omigod the two main supernatural guys are so darkly yummy in their hellspawn black leather. They would be, stake, silver – where are they and how fast can I reload? So here they are: an honest cop, a half-demon, and an ancient heretic who just might be a saint. Out to kick butt, save lives, and hopefully save souls. Welcome to Intrepid, North Carolina. I’m hoping to stay awhile.

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Critical Dawn The Critical Series, Book 1 Book photo 1
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Critical Dawn: The Critical Series, Book 1 Book
Book Title:

Critical Dawn: The Critical Series, Book 1

by: Podium Publishing

Product rating: 4.2 with 508 reviews

Some mysteries should stay buried. A centuries-old plan unfolds.

Archaeologists Pippa Quinn and Charlie Jackson find advanced technology in undisturbed 16th-century graves. A portent, the discovery precedes thousands of giant sinkholes opening up across the globe as extreme weather threatens the population. Charlie suspects the two are related.

Pippa, Charlie, and the rest of humanity will have to fight for survival, sacrificing the life they’ve known to protect Earth from an ancient and previously dormant enemy. Even that might not be enough, as this new enemy exacts a plan that will change the course of humankind forever.

Critical Dawn is an apocalyptic ride to the very edge of human existence. Factions will battle for control of the Earth – if they can avoid the threat of extinction.

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