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World of Reading: Avengers The New Team: Level 1 Book
Book Title:

World of Reading: Avengers The New Team: Level 1

by: Marvel Press

Product rating: 5.0 with 1 reviews

The Marvel Heroes of Reading line of early readers is designed to offer reluctant readers,
specifically boys, books that they will want to read by featuring characters they love. The series is broken into three levels that invoke the rigorous training courses their favorite Marvel heroes must engage in to perfect their super powers. In reading this series, boys will prefect their own power to read.

The New Team introduces readers ages 4-6 to MORE Super Heroes from Marvel’s most popular team, the Avengers, such as Hawkeye, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Vision, and Falcon.

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Avengers Time Runs Out Volume 4 Book picture 01
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Avengers: Time Runs Out Volume 4 Book
Book Title:

Avengers: Time Runs Out Volume 4

by: Marvel

Product rating: 4.4 with 5 reviews

For Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and the Illuminati, it all ends here! After two years of carefully crafting his cataclysmic saga, writer Jonathan Hickman jumps ahead eight months to the grand finale, the honest-to-goodness immediate future of the Marvel Universe…and the day of the Final Incursion! The Illuminati’s desperate, world-destroying actions have fragmented the Avengers, turning lifelong friends into sworn foes! But as the final incursion looms, will the Avengers, Illuminati and Cabal band together to save what they can, or destroy one another? And have all the battles they’ve endured, and the sacrifices they’ve made, prepared either group for the inevitable moment where time runs out…and the Secret Wars begin? The final act of the astonishing climax to Jonathan Hickman’s legendary run is here!

COLLECTING: Avengers 43-44, New Avengers 31-33

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