Of Country Dogs and Promises to Cats

Of Country Dogs and Promises to Cats Book
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Of Country Dogs and Promises to Cats

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When Jack, a no-nonsense and often sarcastic dog who doesn’t mince words, and Barry, who isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, are confronted by a pack of rough dogs from over on Burnett Road, it’s obvious the two are in trouble. Fearing the worst, Barry is hoping he and Jack can just ease on by the group and go on their merry way. Jack, however, has enough pride for the both of them and throws the first verbal blow with a comment regarding the reputation of the biggest dog’s mother. A fight quickly ensues with Jack and Barry being out numbered and out muscled, and it doesn’t look good for the pair. So when a third party shows up to Jack and Barry’s rescue, no one can believe who it is!

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