I Married a Master

I Married a Master Book
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I Married a Master

by: Audible Studios

Product rating: 4.2 with 187 reviews

A standalone romance focusing on a new couple – and guest starring all the I Married a Billionaire characters you know and love!

Marrying a kinky billionaire wasn’t exactly in my 10-year plan.

Benjamin Chase is not my type. He’s abrasive. He’s arrogant. He doesn’t take anything seriously. I’d die before I dated him, but he has something different in mind.

He has to get married in the next nine months, or he loses his company to his ex-wife. And apparently I’m the most eligible bachelorette in town. If I accept I’ll have a fortune and the opportunity to prove my acting skills with the role of a lifetime. But I also have to accept Ben’s quirks – including the fact that he prefers his women bowing and scraping in a ridiculous parody of gender roles I thought we left behind, oh, several decades ago. I have absolutely no intention of submitting in private, but I’ll have to be by his side at all the right clubs and parties – pretending to be his property. He says it’s all a game, but my head says to run away.

My heart, on the other hand…not to mention certain other parts of me…secretly craves his discipline. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s not really on offer. This is all just an act.

Isn’t it?

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