Hans Sturm: A Soldier’s Odyssey on the Eastern Front

Hans Sturm: A Soldier's Odyssey on the Eastern Front Book
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Hans Sturm: A Soldier’s Odyssey on the Eastern Front

by: Fonthill Media

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There are many biographies of former soldiers of the Wehrmacht, many of whom had fascinating and exciting stories to tell, and several of whom were highly decorated. However, few can match Hans Sturm in his astonishing rise from a mere private in an infantry regiment, thrown into the bloody maelstrom of the Eastern Front, to a highly decorated war hero. A young man who had displayed fearless heroism in combat, earning him some of Germany’s highest military awards, Sturm hated bullies and injustice, and reacted in his normal pugnacious and outspoken manner when confronted with wrongdoing. From striking a member of the feared Sicherheitsdienst for his treatment of a Jewish woman, to refusing to wear a decoration he felt was tainted because of the treatment of enemy partisans, Sturm repeatedly stuck to his moral values no matter what the risk. Even with the war finally over, Sturm’s travails would not end for another eight years as he languished in a number of Soviet labor camps until he was finally released in 1953.

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