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Glock Reference Guide Book
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Glock Reference Guide

by: F+W Media

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YOUR GUIDE TO THE WORLD OF GLOCK Gaston Glock s revolutionary pistol is recognized as one of the most important and innovative firearms designs of the last 50 years. Since its introduction in 1983, the Glock has become the preferred autoloading pistol for countless law enforcementand government agencies, military units, competitive and recreational shooters, and private citizens. Gun Digest s “Glock Reference Guide” is the definitive resource for this amazing pistol. This first-of-its-kind book provides comprehensive, hands-on coverage and testing of all Glock pistols, including law enforcement/military-only variants and models never offered in the USA. It s all here: every model, every caliber, every variant, and every generation, from the first prototype to the very latest models. Author Robb Manning explains how they re made, how they work, how to disassemble, clean, and troubleshoot them, and what accessories are available. Whether you already own a Glock or plan to, “Glock Reference Guide” is an essential resource for the purchase, use, and maintenance of your Glock.”

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