Get Your Girl Back, Revisit What’s Possible for Your Life

Get Your Girl Back, Revisit What's Possible for Your Life Book
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Get Your Girl Back, Revisit What’s Possible for Your Life

by: Traci Bild Enterprises

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Traci Bild stood quietly in her bedroom closet, where she had stumbled upon a box of old love letters, spanning a period of twenty years. These letters, written to the man who is now her husband, captures the passion of a young girl starting out in life; in love, full of hopes, dreams and unlimited possibility for her future. Dumbfounded upon discovery of the letters, Traci feels as if she stumbled upon letters written by her husband s mistress. Who was this girl? she thought. Sexy, fun, romantic and encouraging; this was a woman any man would fall in love with. As the years progress, from courtship to marriage, new careers, and children; the contents of the letters dramatically change. Bit by bit, she begins to disappear- the girl, so full of passion, who believes anything is possible; is subtly replaced by the woman, buried in life s responsibility. Heels replaced by flats, late night fun for sleep; she simply attempts to survive. In time, that girl; once so vibrant is gone, replaced by an adult woman. This moment, for Traci was an awakening. Speechless, she tucked the letters back into her closet and never said a word. Instead, she resolved to find her girl and get her back. Bild shares her deeply personal journey and her passion jumps off the page, begging you to join her in the quest to Get Your Girl Back. Each Chapter will walk you through the various compartments of your life. As a result, you will re-prioritize and at times, reconfigure your life to allow room for what matters most. You will discover that it s not necessarily about having IT all that matters, but YOUR all. As you conclude Get Your Girl Back, you will experience a metamorphosis of sorts starting with the girl who couldn’t wait to grow up and who ultimately lost herself in the process. Your purchase makes a difference! 20% of the proceeds from Get Your Girl Back will be donated to Women for Women International to support women who are survivors of war.

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