Funny Stories from Boy Scout Camp

Funny Stories from Boy Scout Camp Book
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Funny Stories from Boy Scout Camp

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Seth Jaffe wanted to be a Boy Scout ever since he was five years old, and a Cub Scout breakfast of starchy pancakes with synthetic blueberries convinced him of his calling.

Finally old enough to make it into the Show, aka the Boy Scouts of America, Jaffe embarked on camping trips where heroes were made and life’s mysteries were solved. And then came summer camp.

Filled with hilarious true tales, Funny Stories from Boy Scout Camp is an uncensored and uproarious look inside what really happens at a Boy Scout camp to those who (kinda, sorta) run it. This book recounts events that occurred during Jaffe’s summers in the 1990s at Camp Emerald Bay on Catalina Island. These stories include spectacular attempts (and failures) to meet girls while literally everybody around him is getting lucky, an elaborate plan to scare the scouts with someone dressed up as Freddie Kruger, and, of course, that time he missed the boat that was supposed to take him home from camp.

Irreverent, very adult, and totally true, this book is a must-have for anyone who went to summer camp—and survived!

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