Everyone is Broken

Everyone is Broken Book
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Everyone is Broken

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Max Mundan has been to hell and back and lived to talk about it. These are the stories he brought back with him. For the most part, they are not pretty to look at but they are the truth and isn’t the truth beautiful in it’s own gruesome way? So take a seat around the fire and join Max in tales of the dark side. Of junkies and hookers and those who aspire to be like them. Of the lost and the wounded and those who’ve had their worlds ripped to shreds. There but for the grace of God, they are people just like you. Don’t we all know the miserable grip of need and the cold self loathing in the middle of the night? Max’s work has been published in close to 100 different publications. He is the author of the acclaimed poetry collection, “Junkies Die Alone.” Max can be found blogging daily at maxmundan.com and maxmundan.tumblr.com. Follow him on Facebook and find him on twitter @maxmundan.

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