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A New Friend for Guido A Story About A Little Train Who Works At A Zoo Book picture 01
August 19th, 2015 by admin

A New Friend for Guido: A Story About A Little Train Who Works At A Zoo Book
Book Title:

A New Friend for Guido: A Story About A Little Train Who Works At A Zoo

by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Product rating: 5.0 with 2 reviews

First time author, Christopher Churilla, brings a little zoo train to life in his book A New Friend For Guido! Guido learns that making new friends and teamwork are great ways to bring happiness to everyone! Guido’s adventures will continue to bring two special trains to life while making readers smile!

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The Late Scholar Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane Investigate (Lord Peter WimseyHarriet Vane) Book image 1
August 19th, 2015 by admin

The Late Scholar: Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane Investigate (Lord Peter Wimsey/Harriet Vane) Book
Book Title:

The Late Scholar: Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane Investigate (Lord Peter Wimsey/Harriet Vane)

by: Minotaur Books

Product rating: 4.0 with 194 reviews

In Jill Paton Walsh’s fourth installment in her inspired continuation of Dorothy L. Sayers’s acclaimed mysteries, Lord Peter Wimsey and his detective novelist wife, Harriet Vane, revisit their beloved Oxford, where a long and literate courtship finally culminated in their engagement.

To his surprise, Lord Peter, as the Duke of Denver, has been charged with settling a dispute among the Fellows of St. Severin’s College, Oxford University. At first, the stalemate seems the result of a simple difference of opinion about a valuable manuscript. Some of the Fellows regard the book as nothing but an insurance liability that should be sold to finance a speculative purchase of land. The voting is evenly balanced. The Warden would normally cast the deciding vote, but he has disappeared. And when several of the Fellows die unexpectedly, Lord Peter and Harriet set off on an investigation to uncover what is really going on at St. Severin’s.

With this return to the Oxford of Gaudy Night, which many readers regard as their favorite of Sayers’s original series, Jill Paton Walsh revives the wit and brilliant plotting of the Golden Age of detective fiction with The Late Scholar.

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Taylor Swift 2016 Mini 7x7 Book photo 001
August 19th, 2015 by admin

Taylor Swift 2016 Mini 7x7 Book
Book Title:

Taylor Swift 2016 Mini 7×7

by: Browntrout

Product rating: 5.0 with 1 reviews

Taylor Swift Mini Wall Calendar: Songstress Taylor Swift knows no bounds when it comes to great songwriting with a lot of heart. Her personal songs capture a sense of vulnerability and reveal a wisdom and insight beyond her years. The release of her album Red in 2012 was the highest No. 1 debut in the 2010 decade thus far and the singles “Being Again” and “I Knew You Were Trouble” was a global commercial success. And with the No. 1 single “Shake It Off” off record-breaking 1989, Swifties are yearning for more. The official mini wall calendar features a collection of photographs of this young superstar who, with her graciousness and warmth, has amassed millions of loyal fans across the globe. BrownTrout is committed to sustainability. The official mini wall calendar features a collection of photographs of this young superstarPerfect for SwiftiesJuly-December 2015 overview

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The Artist In Me An Incredible and Hilarious Journey with America's Premier Christian Ballet Company Book photo 1
August 17th, 2015 by admin

The Artist In Me: An Incredible and Hilarious Journey with America's Premier Christian Ballet Company Book
Book Title:

The Artist In Me: An Incredible and Hilarious Journey with America’s Premier Christian Ballet Company

by: Ichthus Publications

Product rating: 5.0 with 4 reviews

Behind the leaping, spinning, lifting, hard work, and discipline of ballet dancers is an untold story of what happens between ballet performances. In this behind-the-scenes look at America’s first, professional Christian ballet company, Tim Dryden reveals some of his most memorable experiences while working as the first Tour Director for Ballet Magnificat. In this quasi-autobiographical account, he relates how God is actively working in his world, orchestrating the events in our lives for his glory. Tim reveres and honors God as the Author of life and the one who saves those who trust in him; he is also the God of humor and creativity. This shines through when you read about all the hilarious and extraordinary things that God does for his children. With his trademark insights, energy, and love for telling a funny story, Tim offers biblical truths about the all-powerful Artist of the universe through the retelling of stories that will be sure to amaze, inspire, and make you laugh. And, with this book, you will certainly enjoy God more as you see first-hand his amazing interaction with his creation and the way in which he works out all things for good.

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Fine Art Tips with Lori McNee Painting Techniques and Professional Advice Book picture 01
August 17th, 2015 by admin

Fine Art Tips with Lori McNee: Painting Techniques and Professional Advice Book
Book Title:

Fine Art Tips with Lori McNee: Painting Techniques and Professional Advice

by: F+W Media

Product rating: 5.0 with 3 reviews

Lessons of a lifetime. 24 modern-day masters share secrets to their success.

Since 2009, thousands of artists have flocked to Lori McNee’s for creative and professional advice. A social media guru as well as a professional artist, McNee has assembled a diverse and impressive group of today’s most popular artists to create Fine Art Tips (the book!), an unprecedented master class in representational painting and art business advice.

Fine Art Tips goes “behind the paintings” to show how 24 of today’s top artists transform dabs of paint into incredible still lifes, landscapes, portraits and wildlife art. Along the way, they generously share practical, real-world tips on everything from evoking the illusion of sparkling water to professional networking.

Plein air afficianado Ken Auster offers an unforgettable lesson on focal point. John Seerey Lester, a rock star in the world of wildlife painting, talks about the power of storytelling in paint. Joe Anna Arnett reveals her secret to painting white peonies, and Daniel Sprick discusses the foundations behind his classical portraits.

The advice in these pages can be life-changing for artists, both aspiring and established. For art-lovers in general, Fine Art Tips is a brilliant showcase of today’s top artists.

Inspired by Lori McNee’s art blog sensation,!

  • Illuminating tips, techniques and professional advice from 24 of today’s most highly acclaimed artists
  • 26 step-by-step demonstrations in oil, acrylic and pastel
  • A thrilling range of signature styles and subjects

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Happy Birthday, Cupcake! Book photo 01
August 16th, 2015 by admin

Happy Birthday, Cupcake! Book
Book Title:

Happy Birthday, Cupcake!

by: Philomel Books

Product rating: 4.5 with 4 reviews

From the creator of Peanut Butter & Cupcake comes a birthday book starring everyone’s favorite dessert!

What’s a cupcake to do when she needs to plan her birthday party? In this hilarious, kid-friendly homage to food and birthdays, Cupcake runs through tons of ideas while her best friend, Blueberry Muffin, finds reasons why they won’t work: Soup gets seasick; Donut melts in the sun; someome might get squashed during musical chairs; and Cupcake is not very good at limbo (her icing might get sliced off!). Just as Cupcake is ready to crumble, Blueberry Muffin has one last idea that just might save the day. 

With laugh-out-loud visual gags (like a band made up of beans–the musical fruit, of course), this book is sure to put a birthday smile on any kid’s face (and on adult faces as well).

Praise for Happy Birthday, Cupcake!:

“As in his earlier picture book, Border’s characters are skillfully crafted food items with basic wire limbs arranged in simple landscapes….Preschoolers will be delighted with the visual mayhem.”–Kirkus Reviews
Praise for Peanut Butter & Cupcake:

“Border’s witty food comedy will lure children who are hungry for clever visual entertainment.”–Publishers Weekly

“[Z]any creative photographs. [A] read-aloud hit.”–School Library Journal

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Jack Hanna's Big Book of Why Amazing Animal Facts and Photos Book image 001
August 16th, 2015 by admin

Jack Hanna's Big Book of Why: Amazing Animal Facts and Photos Book
Book Title:

Jack Hanna’s Big Book of Why: Amazing Animal Facts and Photos

by: Media Lab Books

Product rating: 5.0 with 3 reviews

Why don’t fish sink? Why can’t penguins fly? Why do parrots talk? Jack Hanna’s Big Book of Why takes kids and adults on a journey through the animal kingdom to answer these questions and hundreds more. The 176-page hardcover children’s book is organized by habitat-deserts, grasslands, forests, rainforests, oceans and poles-and features close-up color photographs, amazing facts and interactive quizzes about creatures from around the world. Filled with science, history and humor, Jack Hanna’s Big Book of Why is a must-have for animal-lovers and curious kids alike.

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The Other Daughter A Novel Book photo 001
August 16th, 2015 by admin

The Other Daughter: A Novel Book
Book Title:

The Other Daughter: A Novel

by: St. Martin’s Press

Product rating: 4.1 with 39 reviews

Raised in a poor yet genteel household, Rachel Woodley is working in France as a governess when she receives news that her mother has died, suddenly. Grief-stricken, she returns to the small town in England where she was raised to clear out the cottage…and finds a cutting from a London society magazine, with a photograph of her supposedly deceased father dated all of three month before. He’s an earl, respected and influential, and he is standing with another daughter-his legitimate daughter. Which makes Rachel…not legitimate. Everything she thought she knew about herself and her past-even her very name-is a lie.

Still reeling from the death of her mother, and furious at this betrayal, Rachel sets herself up in London under a new identity. There she insinuates herself into the party-going crowd of Bright Young Things, with a steely determination to unveil her father’s perfidy and bring his-and her half-sister’s-charmed world crashing down. Very soon, however, Rachel faces two unexpected snags: she finds she genuinely likes her half-sister, Olivia, whose situation isn’t as simple it appears; and she might just be falling for her sister’s fiancé…

From Lauren Willig, author of the New York Times bestselling novel The Ashford Affair, comes The Other Daughter, a page-turner full of deceit, passion, and revenge.

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Small Consolations Book image 01
August 13th, 2015 by admin

Small Consolations Book
Book Title:

Small Consolations

by: Aldrich Press

Product rating: 5.0 with 1 reviews

Gary Glauber’s poems explore the ever shifting terrain of human interstices: between what we want and what we get, between what we recall and what we forget, between what we hoped and what happened, and the largest one—how we manage to be present and absent at the same time. Life never clicks shut in these poems and that is their understandably provisional wisdom. The rueful human comedy is alive in these poems. —Baron Wormser, Poet and Novelist
Reading these poems, I thought of math and architecture and song; the beautiful math of words, grammar, and language; the strong architecture of thought, story, and time; and the painful song of loss, dreams, and love. That’s what I found in these poems—the world.
—Jonathan Ames, Author of Wake Up, Sir!
In an age when fear mongering seems to have gripped the 24 / 7 news cycle, Gary Glauber encourages us to pay attention to the fleeting moments as they hold the potential for poetry and beauty—if only we would take notice. “Examining the darkness,” he reminds us, “it’s hard to stay focused.” Instead, he suggests, it is the “little pangs of hyper-reality,” the “what gets said in passing” and those who “desire to be no one of note” that are most important. His poems rightly point our attention toward the “silent millions…quietly tweaking life’s balance in a panoply of brilliantly undistinguished ways” and encourages us to live among them.
—Jenn Monroe, Author of In Anticipation of Grief and Something
More Like Love

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A Warrior's Path Lessons In Leadership Book picture 001
August 13th, 2015 by admin

A Warrior's Path: Lessons In Leadership Book
Book Title:

A Warrior’s Path: Lessons In Leadership

by: Robert A. Trivino

Product rating: 5.0 with 1 reviews

This is my personal journey through one of the greatest warrior and leadership cultures of today, which ultimately provided me with defining leadership characteristics and the skills of a serious warrior. Nobody is born a great leader, they are made through hard work and determination. My first Indian name given to me by the medicine man when I was a child was Bobcat. As I grew and became a young man, I returned home from my first combat experience and was given my warrior’s name, Evergreen Mountain. I am an American, first and foremost, but I am also a Pueblo and Yaqui Indian. I am a former member of the US Army’s 18th Airborne Corps, 75th Ranger Regiment, and spent most of my career as an operational member of a Special Missions Unit under the United States Army Special Operations Command. These are some of my most important leadership lessons learned from the battlefield of the war on terror. It is my sincere hope that this book serves as a resource and a compass, providing direction and guidance for individuals seeking or in a leadership position.

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Natchez Burning A Novel (Penn Cage) Book photo 001
August 12th, 2015 by admin

Natchez Burning: A Novel (Penn Cage) Book
Book Title:

Natchez Burning: A Novel (Penn Cage)

by: William Morrow Paperbacks

Product rating: 4.3 with reviews

Raised in the southern splendor of Natchez, Mississippi, Penn Cage learned all he knows of duty from his father, Dr. Tom Cage. But now the beloved family doctor has been accused of murdering the African American nurse with whom he worked in the dark days of the 1960s. Once a crusading prosecutor, Penn is determined to save his father, but Tom, stubbornly invoking doctor-patient privilege, refuses even to speak in his own defense.

Penn’s quest for the truth sends him deep into his father’s past, where a sexually charged secret lies. More chilling, this long-buried sin is only one thread in a conspiracy of greed and murder involving the vicious Double Eagles, an offshoot of the KKK controlled by some of the most powerful men in the state. Aided by a dedicated reporter privy to Natchez’s oldest secrets and by his fiancée, Caitlin Masters, Penn uncovers a trail of corruption and brutality that places his family squarely in the Double Eagles’ crosshairs.

With every step costing blood and faith, Penn is forced to confront the most wrenching dilemma of his life: Does a man of honor choose his father or the truth?

An Amazon Best Book of the Month, May 2014: Greg Iles has written a sprawling, gothic, suspenseful, emotional, page-turner of a book. In doing so, he’s confronted the darkest secrets of his home state of Mississippi. Shifting between the 1960s (not a pretty period in Mississippi history) and the present, it’s the story of a respected doctor accused of murdering his former nurse, an African-American woman who has returned to Natchez after many years up north. The doctor’s son, Penn Cage (featured in previous Iles novels), is a former prosecutor, now the mayor of Natchez, whose attempts to clear his father bring him face to face with a fringe KKK sect, men who personify the South’s historic evils. Packed to the point of overflow with racial politics, family secrets, illicit love, corruption, racism, brutality, and fear, this 800-page book is really a father-son story. Yet, as Iles suggests in the opening pages: “Perhaps we expect too much of our fathers.” Though it’s sometimes easier not to acknowledge life’s most uncomfortable truths, as one character puts it, “Sooner or later, everything comes to the surface, doesn’t it?” Smart, funny, and sexy, you’ll keep thinking about it long after the violent final pages. –Neal Thompson

Joseph Finder
Guest Review by Joseph Finder, New York Times bestselling author of Paranoia, Buried Secrets, and the forthcoming Suspicion (On Sale 5/27/14).

Greg Iles’s long-awaited new novel is a big deal, and I do mean big. In this age of 140-character tweets and text messages, there’s something wonderfully old-fashioned about the pleasure of losing yourself in the fully realized, immersive fictional world of a 788-page story. I’m reminded of Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove (945 pages), or the great sagas of Herman Wouk, James Michener, and James Clavell. The best big novels, like Iles’s instant classic, Natchez Burning, pull you in so deep that you’re utterly transported; they don’t seem long at all.

I’ve always been a big fan of Greg Iles’ work. From Spandau Phoenix to Turning Angel, and his most recent, The Devil’s Punchbowl (just to name a few favorites), he never repeats himself. He’s a graceful writer who knows how to tell a gripping, fast-moving story—without sacrificing texture or fully fleshed-out characters.

The central plot of Natchez Burning starts with Mayor Penn Cage, an attorney Iles introduced in 1999’s The Quiet Game, learning that his father, the town’s most beloved physician, is about to be charged with murder. The victim? Dr. Cage’s former nurse, Viola Turner, who came home to Natchez to die after a nearly 40-year absence.

Did his father assist in Viola’s suicide? Penn would believe it: his father did the same for Penn’s own wife when she was dying of cancer, years before. But as the town’s corrupt district attorney pursues the case, it becomes clear that Viola’s death was no gentle passage into that good night. In fact, a crusading local reporter has video evidence that Viola died in pain and fear. Penn refuses to believe his father had anything to do with that.

Iles weaves this multi-generational web like a master, keeping Penn Cage at the center even as we see his father, Dr. Tom Cage, in both past and present, along with the many citizens of Natchez and its sister community in Louisiana, just across the Mississippi River.

Natchez Burning is an epic, a saga, but it’s also a thriller. We feel the panic and terror of young Jimmy Revels as he walks into the Double Eagles’ trap in 1968. And the rage and despair of Lincoln Turner, Viola’s son, who doesn’t know the truth of his own origins. We feel Caitlin Masters’ desperate need to tell the story through the newspaper she publishes. Sustaining all of this tension for almost 800 pages is no small feat. It’s a testament to Greg Iles’s power as a storyteller.

Iles doesn’t tie up all the loose ends. Natchez Burning is just the first installment in what promises to be an extraordinary trilogy built upon the premise that, in some pockets of the South, the Civil War hasn’t ended. “Appomattox hadn’t ended anything,” a character thinks early in the story, in a scene set in 1968. “[It] had merely heralded an intermission. ” As William Faulkner said (and this book’s narrator quotes), “The past is never dead. It’s not even past. ” In Natchez Burning, the sins and unpunished crimes of the generations who fought integration and civil rights are visited upon their children and grandchildren, claiming victims almost half a century later.

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Sunny, Vol. 5 Book photo 1
August 11th, 2015 by admin

Sunny, Vol. 5 Book
Book Title:

Sunny, Vol. 5

by: VIZ Media LLC

Product rating: 5.0 with 2 reviews

What is Sunny? Sunny is a car. Sunny is a car you take on a drive with your mind. It takes you to the place of your dreams. Sunny is the story of beating the odds, in the ways that count. It’s the brand-new masterwork from Eisner Award-winner Taiyo Matsumoto, one of Japan’s most innovative and acclaimed manga artists. Translated by Tekkonkinkreet film director Michael Arias!

The fifth installment of this poignant series focused on the young lives of a group of foster children displays the breathtaking peaks and troubled flatlands of their imaginations.

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Authentic Fire A Response to John MacArthur's Strange Fire Book image 001
August 7th, 2015 by admin

Authentic Fire: A Response to John MacArthur's Strange Fire Book
Book Title:

Authentic Fire: A Response to John MacArthur’s Strange Fire

by: Creation House

Product rating: 4.5 with 105 reviews

In response to Pastor John MacArthur’s call for a “collective war,” against charismatics, Dr. Michael Brown has called for unity in Jesus based on a return to the truth of the Scriptures in the fullness of the Spirit.

As a charismatic biblical scholar and theologian, Dr. Brown responds to Pastor MacArthur’s charges, making a biblical case for the continuation of the New Testament gifts of the Spirit and demonstrating the unique contribution to missions, theology, and worship made by the charismatic Church worldwide. He calls for an appreciation of the unique strengths and weaknesses of both cessationists and charismatics, inviting readers to experience God afresh, and he demonstrates how charismatic leaders have been addressing abuses within their own movement for decades.

Dr. Brown speaks on behalf of millions who are not adequately trained to express in writing their own encounters with the supernatural power of God. – David Ravenhill

I thank God for this biblically-robust, pastorally-sensitive, historicallyinformed, and graciously-articulated account of the work of the Holy Spirit in the church of Jesus Christ. – Sam Storms

Dr. Michael Brown’s Authentic Fire puts the brakes on John MacArthur’s crusade against charismatics with irrefutable logic, extraordinary insight, Christ-like graciousness, and an undisputable handling of Scripture. – Frank Viola

Michael Brown writes with clarity and courtesy as he confronts one of the most explosive issues among all those who uphold the Bible as the plumb line of truth. – David Shibley

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