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Armies of the Greek-Turkish War 1919-22 (Men-at-Arms) Book photo 001
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Armies of the Greek-Turkish War 1919-22 (Men-at-Arms) Book
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Armies of the Greek-Turkish War 1919-22 (Men-at-Arms)

by: Men-at-Arms – Assorted

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This is a comprehensive guide to the armies that fought a devastating and decisive conflict in the Eastern Mediterranean between the two World Wars of the 20th century. From the initial Greek invasion, designed to “liberate” the 100,000 ethnic Greeks that lived in Western Turkey and had done for centuries, to Mustapha Kemal Ataturk’s incredibly efficient formation of a national government and a regular army, this was a war that shaped the geopolitical landscape of the Mediterranean to this day. It gave birth to the modern Turkish state, displacing millions and creating bitter memories of atrocities committed by both sides. Augmented with very rare photographs and beautiful illustrations, this ground-breaking title explores the history, organization, and appearance of the armies, both guerilla and conventional, that fought in this bloody war.

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Ottoman Navy Warships 1914-18 (New Vanguard) Book image 1
August 4th, 2015 by admin

Ottoman Navy Warships 1914-18 (New Vanguard) Book
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Ottoman Navy Warships 1914-18 (New Vanguard)

by: New Vanguard – Ships – Modern Navy – Assorted

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At the start of the 20th century the Ottoman Navy was a shadow of its former might, a reflection of the empire as a whole – the “Sick Man of Europe”. Years of defeat, nepotism, and neglect had left the Ottoman Navy with a mix of obsolete vessels, whilst the list of prospective enemies was ever-growing. An increasing Russian naval presence in the Black Sea and the alarming emergence of Italy and Greece as regional Naval powers proved beyond all doubt that intensive modernization was essential, indeed, the fate of the Empire as a naval power depended on it. So the Ottoman Navy looked to the ultimate naval weapon of the age, the dreadnought battleship, two of which were ordered from the British with extreme alacrity. But politics intervened, and a succession of events culminated in the Ottoman Navy fielding a modern German battlecruiser and state-of-the-art light cruiser instead – with dramatic consequences. In this meticulous study, Ryan Noppen presents a fresh appraisal of the technical aspects and operations of the warships of the Ottoman Navy in World War I. It is the first work of its kind in the English language – produced with a wealth of rare material with the cooperation of the Turkish Consulate and Navy. Packed with precise technical specifications, revealing illustrations and exhaustive research, this is an essential guide to a crucial chapter in the Aegean arms race

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