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The $100 Hamburger - A Pilots' Guide Book image 01
June 11th, 2015 by admin

The $100 Hamburger - A Pilots' Guide Book
Book Title:

The $100 Hamburger – A Pilots’ Guide

by: $100 Hamburger Publishing

Product rating: 5.0 with 1 reviews

“The $100 Hamburger – A Pilots’ Guide” has been general aviation’s Zagat Guide for twenty-five years. It contains 300 pages of reviews of easily accessible ON AIRPORT restaurants that every private pilot needs to know about. All restaurants located on general aviation friendly airports in the United States are included. John Purner has written each review from his personal experience. “The $100 Hamburger – A Pilots’ Guide” follows John’s three editions of the very popular “The $100 Hamburger- A Guide to Pilot’s Favorite Fly-In Restaurants” plus the highly successful “The $100 Hamburger 2014/15”. This latest edition includes information about FBOs, rental cars, on airport museums, hotels, golf courses, camping and so much more!!! Everything you need to know to make a decision for your next burger run is included; maps, phone numbers, website URLs and email addresses. It’s guaranteed to make your next flight a real pleasure.

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