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July 5th, 2015 by admin

Lynching Pascual Orozco: Mexican Revolutionary Hero and Paradox Book
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Lynching Pascual Orozco: Mexican Revolutionary Hero and Paradox

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This is a biography of Pascual Orozco, Mexican revolutionary hero and paradox. It contains a new account about his lynching by a Texas lawman. Pascual Orozco was the Mexican Revolution’s great military hero. Without his leadership, it is doubtful that Francisco Madero would ever have deposed Mexican dictator Porfirio Díaz. Orozco became a pariah when he turned against Madero and then later allied with Madero’s hated assassins, including Victoriano Huerta. This book explains the twists and turns in Orozco’s life. Today, Orozco is a controversial figure in Mexican history, seen alternately as a hero and a traitor. Orozco remains the great paradox of the Revolution because he espoused progressive reforms while simultaneously fighting on the side of reactionaries such as Huerta. During the Mexican Revolution, Texas lawmen killed hundreds of innocent Mexicans under false claims that the Mexicans had raided border area ranches. This new biography of Orozco details how he got caught up in that deadly Texas environment of 1915, was also falsely accused of raiding a ranch and, along with his companions, was lynched.

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