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August 11th, 2015 by admin

Mature Manhood Book
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Mature Manhood

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Mature Manhood is a call to all men to rise up and be who God created them to be.When men refuse to be who God created them to be, the world falls apart. J. I. Packer sees society’s decline in this way: “The truth is that because we have lost touch with God and His Word, we have lost the secret both of community (because sin kills neighbor-love) and of our own identity (because, at the deepest level, we do not know who or what we are, or what we exist for).” This is why we needed a Savior. We needed Someone to stop the cycle of weak imitations of manhood. And we needed Someone to show us what courage, honor, and strength look like. Mature Manhood will show you how Jesus can take our limited, halfhearted tries and make whole men out of us through the power and love of the gospel. Through reading this compelling book, you will not only understand your purpose, but you will also learn how to live out masculinity for the right reason: to honor and glorify God.

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