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July 5th, 2015 by admin

Let's Talk STDs: A Guide to Prepare Parents for
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Let’s Talk STDs: A Guide to Prepare Parents for “The Talk”

by: Opportune Independent Publishing Company

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There comes a time when every parent has to get ready to have “The Talk.” Not only can this be daunting for the child, but can be just as scary for the newfound instructor as well. Let’s Talk STDs: A Guide to Prepare Parents for “The Talk” is here to assist in parental readiness; to assure all information passed on is correct and consistent with that of medical professionals. This guide breaks down STDs in a way that anyone can understand. Dr.Davis-Kennedy has created this self-help medical advisory so that when it becomes time to educate and inform your children of sex, it’s done proficiently. This outline provides vital information for all parents; you learn when to have the talk, some of the content that should be included and answers to the questions your child may have. Dr.Davis-Kennedy has constructed an easy way to rest all the myths and rumors that can spread throughout sexually uneducated children.

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