Bengalo Moon: Jook and Gypsies Vol. 2 (Volume 2)

Bengalo Moon: Jook and Gypsies Vol. 2 (Volume 2) Book
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Bengalo Moon: Jook and Gypsies Vol. 2 (Volume 2)

by: AuthorHouse

Product rating: 5.0 with 10 reviews

Bloodline Gypsy: Jook and Gypsies Vol. 1 Rocking five­star ratings on Amazon and Barnes and Noble!!! *****Paranormal Romance Guild – 5­star review and nominated for the 2014 Readers’ Choice Award. *****Mysterious. Fascinating. Infiltrating. . . I want more, much more!!!! Lesli E. Houston – Amazon Review *****This is nothing like anything I have experienced! Prepare for an original genre. . . Barnes & Noble review *****Great book, thrilling and sexy! When Is The Next One Coming Out?!?!? Melissa – Amazon review *****I read voraciously and Shirley’s book is the most exciting book I have read in quite some time. Bob Fuller – Amazon review ****This is a good solid horror story; spooky atmospheric and at times brutally graphic. Tskoyal – GoodReads review Bengalo Moon: Jook and Gypsies Vol. 2 Finally a sequel that delivers! Belinda Rainwater – Literary agent and literary awards judge Venture into the darkness beyond the campfires in this 21st century saga where medieval folklore becomes terrifying reality. . . Susannah Henika, an American­born poshrat (half­blood gypsy), is the descendant of the ancient strain of magic that forged werewolves into the world. Unknown to the teenager, two species of werewolves have evolved from the curse her distant ancestor Bisnik Zygan cast into the world. The Ruv Bengalo (devilish wolf) and the Jook are mortal enemies. Both species are born with an innate ability to track the Zygan lineage. The Jook must mate with the bloodline of their origin to preserve their species and humanity from the murderous Ruv Bengalo, who destroy Zygan progeny with the intent to drive the Jook into extinction. The Jook attempt to whisk Susannah to safety as she is discovered by the Ruv Bengalo. . . In the vast, open lands of the United States the devilish wolves have been organizing an army, and our company escaping with their lives has become a perilous challenge. . .

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