Adult Coloring Books: Whimsical Animals (Volume 7)

Adult Coloring Books: Whimsical Animals (Volume 7) Book
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Adult Coloring Books: Whimsical Animals (Volume 7)

by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Product rating: 5.0 with 9 reviews

“This is my 3rd adult coloring book. I love the animal designs!” Julie

“The raccoon is my favorite. Coloring in the fun designs is a blast.” Mel

“Worked great with my colored pencils!” Jenny

“I love the whimsical animals and the designs are perfect for relaxing!” Mary

Created by best selling illustrator and modern artist Beth Ingrias, Adult Coloring Books: Whimsical Animals gives you the opportunity to color in your own whimsical inspired animals using your favorite coloring tools.

This adult coloring book features 30 unique hand drawn designs found nowhere else. Each intricate design is printed on the front of the pages only so you don’t have to worry about your work of art bleeding through and ruining the patterns on the next page.

Each animal features a new and unique pattern inspired by many of the wonderful animals on our planet. Unleash your inner artist, relax, unwind and have fun coloring each stress relieving pattern.

“I love creating artistic patterns where you can easily lose yourself for hours. I had a lot of fun creating each one of these cute, whimsical animals and I know you will have even more fun coloring them all in. Let your imagination run wild and forget about the troubles of the day as you fill each page with the colors of your choice!” Beth Ingrias.

Have fun coloring a rooster, raccoon, crab, cow, hippo, mouse, pig, tiger, bunny, cat, dolphin, duck, elephant, fish, fox, giraffe, hummingbird, kangaroo, lion, monkey, sea turtle, frog, lizard, owl, penguin, pony, puppy, seahorse, sheep and a teddy bear.

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